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                                                     **Bluejo pups are here**

                       Welcome to the home of the working man's bulldog

HOC is located in Kansas City, MO. We are a small hobby breeder of American Bulldogs and have owned them since 2005. At HOC it's QOE (Quality Over Everything) when it comes to quality "if you can't see the difference, why pay the difference." We price our pups so that they're affordable to working people. We have people that have bought more than one pup from us due in part to the fact what some breeders are charging for one pup you can get TWO of our pups and as any past buyer from us will attest to, our pups are second to none! We don't post our dogs on face book fifty-eleven times a week like some, hype's not needed when you have a quality product. Do your research and see thru the smoke and mirrors and when you're ready to make that addition to your family contact HOC Bulldogs, we're here before, during and after the sale. HOC....there can only be one!

HOC's "Blue Semi" aka Bluejo as a pup.
HOC's "Kay Kay" RIP

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Van : CEO
Mehka, Tah, Ej : Whelpers, Groomers, Puppy Spoilers
Eddie : Kennel Boy