House Of Chaos


                          **Battle of the Bulls**

                                             ** Pups born 7-26-17**

Size, thickness, type.... this one should have it all and then some. We bred May to the one and only Rocky of DHAB and the litter was phenomenal. We were so impressed we decided to take her back to one of the most impressive Rocky sons out there, DHAB's Forge. This boy brings serious thickness and mass to the table, paired with our girl May we're expecting fireworks! Our hopes is to line breed the offspring from this breeding with the offspring from Rocky/May which allows us to double up on Meatball and Rocky blood and lock in certain traits & characteristics. This is one you don't want to miss! Get on the waiting list now. See my FB page "HOC Connection" for pics of the litter from Rocky/May then picture that blood on top of this blood. We can't wait. Shout out to Mike Ellis/Dark Horse American Bulldogs (DHAB) for helping us with our vision.  Pups are $1200



                             **Baby Got Back**

Thick girls need love, 2017 we coming with the thickness! Look out for Spicee to be bred. Stud will be announced later. Stay tuned for updates like us on facebook "HOC Connection" for updates and more info.